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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

my new blog

Friday, January 06, 2006


i still don't have this fixed, and i don't fucking get it! all i goddamned want to do is have my administrative rights back! i own this blog, motherfuckit.

do you ever think that people have to lie to themselves about their own importance just so they can survive and remain sane at the same time? it's like a "lie to survive" kind of thing. i know people who never fucking look at themselves or their family with true honesty. i mean, everyone's perfect and anyone who fucks with that is an idiot loser. what the fuck's the point in living if you're not going to live honestly?

emotional intelligence is where it's at. when you don't learn how to manage your emotions as a child, you're lost (maybe for good) as an adult.

people who shop at wal-mart are not as smart as your average bear. i mean, i go there only when i HAVETA! tonite i HADTA. and it fucking took forever to fucking make it through because all the dumbfuck hilljacks had to fucking stand around in the aisles to check out the ________________________. i mean, wal-mart's such a fucking rapist. and i think the worst wal-mart in america is in the town where i live. no. seriously.

peace, love, and a hard cock!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

life is bigger than this. i'm not quite sure how to take advantage of all of its space though, from my vantage point.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


happy new year! =)

earlier we made speckbrot, and while we were making it, i came up with a NOW COPYRIGHTED idea. =) you know 30-minute meals with rachael ray? you know how rachael uses a garbage bowl? well! i've decided that when we have our own cooking show on food network, we're going to have a garbage BOY, instead of a garbage bowl. he'll be really, really hot and he'll wear a speedo. when we're ready to throw something away, we'll throw it on the floor and garbage boy will go bend over and pick it up.

i liked the idea anyway.

yeah. i was thinking about new year's eves past.

today we went out and spent too much money. we bought all kinds of liquor, and it hasn't treated nick too nicely. he was drunk tonite by 6 pm. LOL! we also bought litter boxes for our hamsters. i'm excited to see if they work! i'm all about them if the hamsters will use them. i hate cleaning their cage, and if i can do it fewer times then i'm all about it!

i go back to school in only 2 more days. i'm excited to go back, but i'm sooo going to miss sleeping in until 1 pm. =(

later and shit.

Saturday, December 31, 2005


i emailed the folks at blogger in hopes that they can help me get the admin issue straightened out. like, i totally want to be able to do shit to my blog. i love my blog. it represents a few-year chunk of my life and stuff.

the trouble is old email addresses and junk.... and old passwords. i can't remember passwords i used three years ago.

it's hot in our room. the past few nights i've even opened the window a bit, and that doesn't do much to help. i can't sleep very well when it's this fucking warm.

my feet feel dry and hot. i want to be come unto and held down and made to reveal and see a sense of want/need/love stuff.